This dialog window renders properly under all webkit browsers, and under IE9, but under IE8 the fieldset margin/padding/border seems to have disappeared and the fieldset is being rendered inline instead of block? Either you do away with the background colour all together and get the nice fieldset/legend combo or you have to do away with the legend and make do with heading tags instead and all the accessibility problems that might cause. If the fieldset isn't showing up in your web page, the most common problem is that the border attribute of the fieldset tag is set to none in the CSS file. web page. Ability to add custom css to override the group wrapper default styles. Bootstrap Tutorial - Style fieldset. In I.E. This might not sound like much, but it's incredibly useful when creating reusable groups of controls. Whenever IE finds no CSS theming for the control to render … Here's an example: Not only do you get HTML help, but the icon (the "@" symbol with "<>" under it). The top border of the fieldset intersects the legend's bounding box (not counting its veritcal margins) right smack in the middle. So, check it out. All rights reserved. Example and