These battery powered handguns have semi auto fire, with some having full auto capabilities! Remove products Compare products (0) On sale-16%. A compact pistol in blue and black, available in both semi-automatic and fully-automatic models, the CYMA 122 AEP electric pistol is a very handy BB gun that can be useful for skirmish games. Shop our excellent collection of Airsoft Pistols, we stock many brands such as WE, Nuprol, RWA, Secutor and the ledgendary Tokyo Marui Airsoft Pistols. Depending on outside conditions, with green gas, the M9 shoots at around 320FPS. Airsoft Electric Guns Airsoft Sniper Rifles Gas & CO2 Airsoft guns Airsoft spring rifles Airsoft spring pistols. But, if you are opting for gas-powered guns or spring guns, you should still give them a try to check the speed. The staple of the Airsoft Canada industry, AEG Automatic Electric Guns are the perfect choice for new players and veterans alike. WE Tech 1911 Hi-Capa T-Rex Competition Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol w/ Sight Mount & Top Ports (BLACK / GOLD) SKU: WE-H018WETA2-BKGD $148.50 Spring-powered - airsoft guns manually powered by a pull back the action for each shot, like a pump shotgun or bolt operated sniper rifle. This is due to their reliability as well as the simplicity of using them. Colt Soft Air CQBR-RIS Electric Powered Airsoft Gun with Adjustable Hop-Up, 350-380 FPS POWERFUL ELECTRIC: 350-380 FPS with .20g ammo via 9.6v small butterfly battery READY TO PLAY: Shoots 6mm ammo in full and semi-automatic 99 $104.99 $104.99 ASG 20 Round Bersa BP9CC CO2 Pistol Magazine (Black) $11.50. RedWolf Airsoft is the world's first and largest online retailer and wholesale supplier of airsoft guns/products. Wholesale FAQ. We offer an extensive range of airsoft pistols, including: Co2 airsoft pistol; Gas blowback airsoft pistol; Electric airsoft pistols; Do you fancy a Desert Eagle replica or a Luger? Whether you choose semi-automatic or a full auto firing mechanism, these electric airsoft guns pack a lot of power. There are many models on the market, so the search for the best one is somewhat tricky. Tags: 104-01406 250-450 CQB ICS_7262019 RONIN VM4 aeg aex_5142019 airsoft-guns airsoft-rifles ar-15 basepad baseplate black gbb hicapa kwa m4-carbines magazine pre-order preorder pts shockplate tactical 10401406 An Airsoft Electric Pistol which is based on the 226 series Pistols, and features an integrated LiPo battery as well as MOSFET for a rapid rate of fire and consistent performance. Check out our full range of Electric Airsoft guns. Assault rifles are always great fun to use and this gun is a fantastic addition to your arsenal if you want to work on your skills with an electric powered airsoft assault rifle. Material: Polymer; Weight: 340 g; Length: … The Walter P99 DAO 6mm pistol electric replica is perfect for young and novice users. Made of ABS plastic and aluminium, the CYMA 122 AEP eliminates the need for you to buy any gas cans or carbo.. From a long-range accuracy point of view, AEGs (electric airsoft guns) are superior to gas-powered guns. The electric Airsoft gun was first produced in Japan to great success, and it wasn't long before manufacturers in other countries followed suit and started making their own versions. ASG 12 Round STI Duty One 1911 CO2 Powered Airsoft Pistol Magazine (Black) $11.50. Airsoft replicas; Pistols; Electric powered pistols; Airsoft electric pistol ( number of products: 14) Category filter Remove filters Available on stock. Electric Airsoft Pistols are great for getting more shots fired! Airsoft GI has all the best electric airsoft guns on the market, with complete packages that come standard with a rechargeable battery and charger so that you’re always ready to play. Add to compare. ... (Airsoft Gun) 4.4 out of 5 stars 63. £109.95 £64.95. Browse through our huge selection of airsoft products for everything you need to get out on the field and play. Dimensions are 8.5″ long by 5.25″ tall with a barrel length of 5″ and a real-gun-feel weight of 1.9lbs. We sell Electric BB Pistols & battery powered airsoft pellet guns in black & 2 tone UK legal colours. Airsoft Pistol A pistol is a classic weapon that every airsoft player should own. Capable of high rates of fire in the toughest conditions AEG Automatic Electric Guns will keep up with any other platform on the field. We stock the guns that replicate the real guns, such as MK16 replica electric airsoft gun, M4 electric airsoft rifle, MK18 electric airsoft gun, D91 UZI air electric gun, and several more. Electric Powered Well D96 AEG Airsoft BB Gun Set This Well electric powered AEG rifle comes in a set and is a replica of the popular tactical M4 assault rifle. KWA Full Metal M1911 MARK 1 PTP Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol in - BLACK. Your Price $189.95. My Instagram: so you Don't miss my Airsoft Giveaways!Don't forget to Like for More! All AEGs will require the use of a rechargeable battery pack to power the gearbox or mechbox. Airsoft Guns, Pistols, Rifles & Accessories! Lancer Tactical Airsoft Guns. Electric airsoft guns, also known as AEGs, are the most common type of airsoft rifle. Our gas airsoft pistols are powered by a Green Gas or CO2 source. Electric airsoft rifles are your best option for the quickest reload time on the battlefield, as batteries are far quicker to replace than filling up canisters. 22. RAVEN Hi-Capa 4.3 Gas Blowback Pistol, Gold No reviews yet From £ 74. Is gas or electric airsoft guns better? Sharp Import is the largest wholesale store in the USA offering an enormous selection of Electric Airsoft Guns for sale. The best 10 electric airsoft guns in 2018 1: Beretta 92FS Electric Airsoft Pistol GameFace GFAP13 AEG Electric Full/Semi-Auto Airsoft Pistol With Battery Charger, Speed Loader And Ammo, Black 4.3 out of 5 stars 287 $79.99 $ 79 . Electric airsoft guns are indeed the most speedy ones and they fire at a great pace. While gas-powered rifles and pistols can be more powerful than AEGs, they still have to deal with temperature issues and … 99. Cyma CM123 Electric Airsoft Pistol AEP in blue. Choosing the right electric airsoft gun can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. With Brands such as Nuprol, CYMA & Classic Army. SpecialOffer: SpecialOffer Cyma CM121 D-Eagle Electric Airsoft Pistol AEP in blue. Being able to shoot multiple magazines without needing the refuel like green gas or CO2 airsoft guns. AirSoft. The higher the speed of the gun is, the better the game will be. Airsoft electric guns are battery powered and can usually be fired in semi-automatic or full auto mode. English. Lancer Tactical Airsoft Guns. Gas guns are powered by CO2 cartridge, propane adapter or green gas. Electric airsoft guns typically need batteries in order to operate and drain based on how long you use them out in the field. An Airsoft Electric Pistol which has an upgraded Gearbox and operates using an included LiPO Battery pack, which means you get a high rate of fire in a pistol which that always fire so long as the Battery is charged, making for a highly dependable sidearm which you can trust to empty a full magazine in one go. Electric Airsoft Guns. AEPs as they are known, work with small batteries that power the pistol. We have the most popular and high-tech AEGs around, including airsoft electric sniper rifles , squad automatic weapons (SAWs) and electric submachine guns . Electric; Spring; Airsoft Gun & Rifle Velocity. They are generally found in the form of pistols where a full size gearbox cannot fit into the frame of the gun. £100.00 £69.95. £79.95. At Airgun Depot we carry a variety of gas and electric airsoft pistols to choose from. Surplus Store's wide range of airsoft guns and supplies means we are one of the biggest and best airsoft … These are typically less expensive and are great starter airsoft guns. Looking for electric airsoft guns? Electric airsoft guns are the most popular choice when starting airsoft. Out of stock. Contact Us +1 (760) 858 2300 +852 2857 7665. Cyma CM030 Electric Airsoft Pistol AEP in Blue and Tan. Airsoft Guns (SoftGun) Electric Airsoft Rifles; Gas Airsoft Rifles; Sniper Airsoft Rifles; Spring Airsoft Rifles; Electric Airsoft Pistols; CO2 Airsoft Pistols; Green Gas Airsoft Pistols; Spring Airsoft Pistols; Historical Airsoft Guns; Shotguns; Grenade Launchers & Grenades; Batteries & Chargers. $19.76 shipping. Manufactured by one of my favorite companies (the 31-year-old Taiwanese airsoft legend Kuan Ju Works) this M9 is an all-black, full metal, double-action gas blowback pistol. Out of stock. Airsoft guns, including electric airsoft rifles, are also required to be "chronoed," a term used to measure the gun's velocity, to meet specific standards based on field mandates and what the field itself can accommodate. The unique resistance to damage and lightness of the weapon will make it easier to learn how to use the pistol, and will develop a love for shooting! Battery powered BB pistols are also known as AEGs “Airsoft Electric Gun” or AEP “automatic electric pistol”. ASG Scorpion EVO 3 A1 ATEK Airsoft AEG Rifle (Black) ... LCT AK Complete Gearbox Electric Blowback and Recoil Kit [Long Bolt] $200.00. Continue reading as we discuss the best electric airsoft guns in 2018 and what makes them as popular. One of the reasons why these electric guns became so popular, is because they filled a need in the marketplace. $129.22 $ 129. Shop now! We have the widest range in England, so you’re bound to find the right match here. Clear; Under 200 FPS; 200 to 299 FPS; 300 to 399 FPS; 400 to 499 FPS; 500 to 599 FPS; 600 to 999 FPS; 1000 FPS & Above; Seller. BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle BT-L96 Bolt Action Spring with Bipod & Scope Package. If you are interested in an airsoft spring pistol, like a Beretta, with fast reaction firing, Airgun Depot has what you are looking for.