Getting this for myself, it was pointless. You can't get their teas anymore. But to my surprise, the sales rep said they don't sell less than 4 ounces when it's a blend. Shop Target for Teavana. ), Here’s what you need to know about my husband: it doesn’t matter what I do, or get for him, he’s always got something negative to say about it. Choose from contactless Same Day Delivery, Drive Up and more. Teavana flip tumblers used for steeping hot tea. His reply: "About six teaspoons. It’s tea on the go in a thermos, so what? Tea on the go is a regular thing for my husband. (See Teavana's own chart here.). I looked at my friend like she was nuts. I approached Teavana's marketing department and asked if this wasn't a bit misleading to customers and consumers. Teavana Contour Tumbler vs Thermos Review - Duration: 7:47. But the taste was disappointing. Boil 16 ounces or 2 cups of water on your stove top or in an electric tea kettle. The hardware inside (tea boat) is great, but overall not what I was hoping for. [Update, Feb. 21: There's now a follow-up to this blog: "Teagate - Teavana barista confirms stores brew misleadingly strong samples."]. It’s just how he is, because he was just raised in a negative type of atmosphere. I asked how much tea he uses. So I went inside to order a chai I had sampled. Apparently, having the removable basket inside the tumbler is a huge deal, because Teavana sells tons of different kinds of loose teas to use in the tumbler. From United States +C $38.82 shipping. The Teavana instructions weren't great, so here's a quick demo. Can we do my nails Mommy? As I hesitated, the sales rep proceeded to explain that I'd only need one teaspoon of oolong tea to brew an 8-ounce cup. I’ve tried every kind of tea flavor, brand, and combinations. This recall involves 14 oz. It keeps things hot, but of course not as hot as his old thermos that started to leak. I looked at the shelf and saw, what I refer to as a thermos, sitting there. 4. The Tea Spot, Double-Walled Mountain Tea Tumbler, Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler with removable tea infuser for hot and cold brewing, Water infuser (Sunset Red, 16 … When ready, fill up the device with boiling water, just short of the top of the glass. Lots of them, actually. Look for a sale at your local store! He’s had it for about a month now, so it’s holding up to his backpack slinging work days. Bottled teas in six vibrant varieties, layered with bright fruit flavors and made for today. I’m gift enough, right? Once guests arrived at the pop-up, they could choose to sample one of three new Shaken Iced Tea Infusions flavors—which were explained on a small sign beside the bar. Forget what you feel, remember what you deserve, Cushion their first day back to school with Hanes®. (Not sure why he kept putting it in there, if he knew it leaked, but that’s neither here nor there.). I didn't realize when I ordered it that it didn't have a pop top. It was on sale, so I couldn’t return it if he didn’t like it. Please let us know how you would like to keep in touch: We use MailerLite as our marketing automation platform. ", Again, I was floored. Apparently, having the removable basket inside the tumbler is a huge deal, because Teavana sells tons of different kinds of loose teas to use in the tumbler. I just can’t get into the tea thing. The sampling station outside tempted me into trying a blended chai oolong tea. Prohibitively expensive. Caleb Olson 63,735 views. Your money goes twice as far when you purchase from us and you get 3 free samples. See more ideas about teavana, teavana recipes, tea recipes. Apparently, it does, so SCORE ONE for the tumbler. What’s so great about the Teavana Contour Tumbler? I was puzzled, but decided that next time, I'd add a little more tea and a little more sugar. While the water is heating, open the top of the tea tumbler and remove the mesh insert. The Teavana reps lead customers into thinking they can brew tea at home of the same strength as the samples at a cost of 76 cents per 8-ounce cup. If I want the same taste as the sample, my cost per 8-ounce cup is three times as much: $1.92-$2.31! He had two thermos type vessels at home that were both leaking at this point, and I repeatedly heard my husband – the non swearer in the family – cursing up a storm when it leaked all over his work bag. Pulman did not answer my question about how the tripling of tea leaves would affect caffeine content (which, for chai, is half the amount in coffee), but that's something to consider if you tend to get jitters. The smell was so heavenly fragrant, I could hardly wait to try it. $14.99 4d 9h ", As I mentioned earlier, the instructions on the bag do not say two teaspoons for oolong, as she mentions, but one - unless you make iced tea. With excitement, I brewed my first batch the next morning according to the instructions of the rep, which were also listed on the bag: One teaspoon for 8 ounces of boiling water, steep for 3 minutes. Getting this for myself, it was pointless. It’s easy to open, and to close. 5 stars 5. ... Travel Tumblers will help to avoid the unnecessary mishaps.There are so many tea travel tumblers, some of the top 10 best tea travel tumblers in 2020 Reviews and buyer’s guide are: Table of the Best Tea Travel Tumblers. Go to previous slide - Top Rated. That didn't help either. All I had to choose from were red, and dark gray. Of course, you could just avoid the expense altogether and opt for something more affordable than Teavana. "That said, the strength of our teas are a personal preference and can vary among individuals. Teavana flip tumblers used for steeping hot tea. So is the fact that it's actually cheaper for you to buy a fresh, finished 16-ounce cup of premium tea at the store than to buy the leaves and make the same amount at home. I’m not one to buy a lot of gifts for my husband. Pre Owned Teavana 16 oz Infuser Tumbler Poolbabes BeachBabes Floaties. Overall, he likes his new tumbler. Bottled teas in six vibrant varieties, layered with bright fruit flavors and made for today. (I bet if he reads this at work, he just spit his precious tea out all over the computer. Now, my husband could get down with that little helpful part of the tumbler. Anywhoooo, I decided to bite the bullet and buy one for him. It’s great, because it saves money since he doesn’t buy it every morning! For a wide assortment of Teavana visit today. By that guideline, she explained, I would be paying less than $1 per cup. 5 out of 5 stars (66) Total Ratings 66, 100% agree - Easy to use. Just two colors to choose from, because I guess the purple and green ones were super popular. Getting it for my husband, who only drinks one kind of tea, also not a selling point. There's nothing off limits at, and Staci's always telling it like it is: good, bad, and all that lies in between! I’ve tried it hot, and I’ve tried it cold. The tumblers were sold in black and silver and measure about 10 inches tall by 3 inches in diameter. 4 & Up stars 4 & Up. Sign up for updates, information and more! The tea leaves stay in the teamaker, and makes for super easy cleaning later. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. package of Opus Rouge Rooibos Tea. Free shipping available in the USA. Not bad compared to a coffee shop, right? People tried to put the leaf on top of the filter and use it like an infusion basket, sometimes turning the tumbler upside-down to steep and then discarding the leaf. Manufacturers responded to this by changing many new tumblers so that they now use deep baskets instead of a strainer, so that you now essentially have a tumbler-shaped tea pot. How to disassemble a Teavana tumbler for cleaning - YouTube “Teavana®” is printed on the side of the tumbler. This recall involves 14 oz. He liked the color, it does look like a regular thermos when it’s the gray color. Teavana Oblique Tumbler w/infuser basket New 16 … Teavana PerfecTea 16 Ounce Tea Maker - Black. She clearly had the same impression that I did, that you'd get the same result as the sample by following the instructions. Very vague. The tumblers were sold in black and silver and measure about 10 inches tall by 3 inches in diameter. I’ll have to trust him, because I wouldn’t have anything to compare it to. Well, it looks like we have a winner! As long as it keeps it hot for the six hours it promises, I’m solid. on Tea on the go Teavana Contour Tumbler keeps it hot, 4 Tips for Finding Clothes for Growing Children Online, 4 Unforgettable Presents for Your Wife’s 40th Birthday, 4 Practical Christmas Present Ideas for Your Significant Other, 4 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Hunter in Your Life, Mommy is a student: how mothers can balance college and home life, Most unique way to earn cash involves plasma. Most days I just ignore it, and other days I retaliate……. I was reluctant to spend that much, so I figured I would start by trying an ounce. Shop for Teavana Stainless Steel Insulated Travel Tumbler at Best Buy. Most tea blends and herbal teas require 1 teaspoon of leaves per cup of tea. That's what they quote customers to get them to splurge on the tea. Brand New. Personally, I won’t touch the stuff. Not to mention their teas come from the top 5% crop in the ENTIRE world. In any event, my husband takes tea to work every morning. This is the ideal amount, as that's how much 2 tablespoons of loose-leaf tea will yield. What bothers me about this is that it significantly alters the estimated price per cup. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Teavana New Shiny Mint Flat top Tumbler w/Infuser Basket at the best online prices at eBay! I'm wondering what is another preferably metal tumbler thats darn near bullet proof that I can use out here? We offer super premium teas that are very similar to Teavana's loose-leaf teas with awesome customer service. The recalled tumblers have a clear plastic cap with a welded black base that screws onto a stainless steel tumbler. That's three times as much as the instructions say! It keeps the tea super hot for at least six hours, or super cold for at least six hours. “After you select your tea maker, prepare your tea double strength with twice the amount of tea that you would use for a hot beverage,” said Woods. C $105.39. You can store your coffee in a normal water tumbler, but it will stay hot for only so long. Another customer, who was also waiting for a drink, said she, too, had purchased some tea and brewed it at home according to the instructions, but that it did not taste nearly as good as the sample she had at the sampling station. HA!) Check them out HERE. When I walked by the store again a few weeks later, I realized that the store actually sells freshly brewed cups to order (the chain was officially acquired by Starbucks at the end of 2012). TEAVANA FLAT Top Tumbler Shiny Silver W/ Infuser basket and Cover. But clearly, that misleading. You'll likely recognize the following scenario: I recently walked by one of the Teavana stores in the Milwaukee area. If you like Teavana Kona Pop try Plum Deluxe Pineapple Pop herbal tea. Rating 5 out of 5 stars . Pour hot water into the tumbler until it reaches approximately 3 cm below the rim. By clicking below to submit this form, you acknowledge that the information you provide will be transferred to MailerLite for processing in accordance with their Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. I really need something that can take a beating and still work. (Not to mention the two teaspoons of sugar, which is twice as much as the instructions say.). Sure, it wasn’t a thermos. The information you provide on this form will only be used to provide you with updates and personalized marketing. Jun 24, 2016 - Explore EllaBe21's board "Teavana Recipes" on Pinterest. Select Same Day Delivery or Drive Up for easy contactless purchases. Staci loves to write, and loves to share her "take" on everything thrown her way. We use a grassy green rooibos base, which helps balance out the acidity and intensity of the pineapple flavor. Which for a normal person would be awesome. 7:47. (I later figured that my purchase, which was $19.27 with taxes, would amount to 64-77 cents per cup.) Rating 4 out of 5 stars . It DOES NOT LEAK. I got this reply from Alecia Pulman: "As a standard guide, we recommend two teaspoons as the ideal strength for our teas and train our stores to use this amount as well. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up. I've never been a tea drinker, but it was so wonderful, I had to venture inside to at least inquire about the price. Movies, entertainment, food, fashion, shopping, money, travel and family. You #ExpressYourself, I Want to! As I waited for my 16-ounce cup, I noticed that the barista put a large amount of tea in it. You drink right from this tumbler that holds 16 ounces of tea, but if he needed to he could pour some of it into a mug. Teavana offers a variety of iced tea makers including the Perfectea Maker, which has the flexibility to brew both hot and iced tea. Add honey, nectar or lemon as a natural sweeter if needed. Teavana's teas are all natural and contain absolutely no harmful preservatives or chemical bi products. The Teavana sales rep's reply floored me: The loose-leaf tea was around $9 per ounce! "We want to make sure customers can really taste the samples," he explained. We will send you occasional emails about promotions, deals, new offers and important updates to keep you in the loop. My friend pulled me inside and told me the tumblers were awesome and I needed to try one. Sweet! $14.00 New. We also list this as a guide on our packaging for our consumers and stores as they brew a cup of tea," she said in an email. We use cookies to remember log in details, provide secure log in, improve site functionality, and deliver personalized content. I'm sure it keeps tea piping hot for hours though, because the tumbler that I originally got from Teavana with the pop top … That's a great concept, but only if the reps explain this to their customers. I weighed the options: he’s got two thermos things at home that are leaking, and this new one would keep his tea hot, and not leak. Free shipping for many products! The pros outweighed the cons, so I bought the Teavana Contour Tumbler as a belated holiday gift (since he went and got himself a tablet before Christmas, and my gift was shot to hell. What makes it special? “Teavana ® ” is printed on the side of the tumbler. Consumers should immediately stop using the glass tea tumblers and return them to a Teavana store location (except for three stores; Columbia Mall, Columbia, Maryland; Dallas Fort Worth Airport, Arlington, Texas; or Galleria Mall, Fort Lauderdale, Florida) for a free replacement metallic tea tumbler and a complimentary 2 oz. Prohibitively expensive. Because it's not what I wanted, I haven't used it. Follow Gitte Laasby on Twitter @GitteLaasbyMJS. I figured I could solve the taste mystery in the process. She explained, as it says on the store's website, that 2 ounces of tea will brew between 25 and 30 8-ounce cups. Kudos for Teavana bringing this to people who want to their tea on the go!